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Kay Organics was proud to be a sponsor at The Parade of Nations which honored and welcomed countries and riders participating in the Longines FEI Nations Cup Jumping event, which was followed by a Celebration of the Horse presentation of the 30-plus horse breeds showcasing the diversity of the “Horse Capital of the World.” The grand finale was visited by the Budweiser Clydesdales and we saw them sweep Ocala's beautiful downtown square. This family-friendly event was free and open to the public. We are thankful to those who took the opportunity to cheer on world-class athletes and enjoy the equine side of our community with us at Kay Organics, your Feed for Life!

Complete horse feed with probiotics for digestive health.

A high protein, high fat feed for performance horses.

Fully nutritious high protein, low starch horse feed.

Go Organic

Organic feed and organic hay has been the mainstay of Kay Organics. Based out of western Pennsylvania, Kay Organics has been working since 2004 to provide the Northeast with quality organic products and has expaned to serve the Southeast. We believe that an animal's behavior is reflective of their diet and we work diligently to ensure that our organic feeds are high quality, balanced and natural to promote healthy, happy animals. Since we are a certified-organic farm, you can rest assured knowing there are no genetically modified grains, no herbicides, no synthetic fertilizers, and no pesticides in our products. All of our organic feed blends are made here on our farm each week and enriched with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics specific to each animal's unique needs so that we can guarantee the freshest and most healthy feed for our customers and their animals. Our family-owned and operated farm strives each day to provide products that we can be proud of!

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The Organic Difference

There are basically two differences between organic hay and conventionally grown hay. The first is fertilizer. In organic hay manure is primarily used. In order to be certified organic, no synthetic, chemical fertilizers can be used so manure is what is used to add necessary nutrients to the soil. The manure must come from organically fed animals. The second is pest control. Instead of using harmful chemicals to control unwanted insects, to produce organic hay a combination of biological means of control are used. Beneficial insects, cover crops, crop rotation and birds all help to reduce insect damage to the hay. Two great reasons to Go Organic!


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